Who We Are


We are a small Christian faith community in Newport, NH, a Mission of the Diocese of New Hampshire.  We worship in the tradition of the Episcopal Church, of which we are a part, but our true mission is much broader – to serve God and our neighbor! All are welcome to join us both  at God’s table and with our ministry to the wider community. We are involved in many outreach activities!

We love our church building, over a century old, built in the style of an English country church.  We have reconfigured our beautiful Sanctuary to be an open space as an open, with our Baptismal font at the center, our new altar at one end, and lectern at the other. Below our  Sanctuary is the Undercroft, home to much of our Outreach. And our kitchen and rest rooms have been upgraded to better serve out greater Newport community.

Our services are joyful, contemporary and family friendly.

But we must remember that our church is really our people, not stones and mortar. Come join our fellowship! Come and see!

Anglican Compass Rose