Vine 4

The new logo for our Diocese denotes                                             Tending the Vine.

Here at Epiphany we put that into practice with  our Outreach!

Sunshine Diner         We are the venue for a once-monthly free dinner with food supplied by the food pantry. Various community groups serve as hosts each month. It takes place on the last Sunday of the month from 4-6 pm. This was suspended during the pandemic, but has restarted

Epiphany Explorers    A joint  after school science oriented program  for Middle Schoolers, now also suspended.

Upbeat Afterschool and Choir    Our youth choir rehearses on Friday afternoons, and then serves as an integral part of our Saturday services., now also suspened.

Wild Epiphany – Our new Youth Group that meets outdoors in the Newport Town Forest.

Backpack       We initiated a ‘Backpack’ program to supply area children identified by the school nurses, with a bag of food to tide them over the weekend. The food is all supplied by the Food Pantry. Newport is now running Got Lunch, delivering food to needy families on a biweekly basis.

PECAN              We support  this cooperative venture (Program for  Emergency  Church  Assistance in Newport), whose mission is to help local people who call the church for assistance.

Homeless Initiative   We are in conversation with others in town about the problem of the homeless. The Newport churches have a Vigil for the Homeless every December 21st, the longest night of the year. We read the names of every homeless person who has died in NH during the past 12 months and light a candle for them.

Sunshine Cafe            (2015-2016) Daily simple breakfast for children in the 5th and 6th grades who arrived at  Towle School (now closed) too early to go on school grounds, from 7 to 8:15 am every school day.  As Towle School has now closed, this outreach was replaced by our after-school programs.

WIC                      For some years we have been hosting the Newport monthly WIC Clinic, which has now moved to the new Newport Health Center,  because of easier accessibility to mothers with young children in strollers.

AA                         For years we have hosted a local AA group, which meets on Tuesday evenings at 7 pm in the Undercroft. Unfortunately these meetings have been temporarily suspended as well.


Also one of our members, the late Johanna Young,  was  ordained as a Permanent Deacon. As part of her training, she worked with the exciting ministry of The Church of the Woods, in Canterbury, NH. http://kairosearth.org/church-of-the-woods/

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