Welcome to the website of Epiphany Church in Newport, NH, a church dedicated to mission through outreach to the community. We are starting a small Intentional Community as well.

Our weekly all age Eucharist was celebrated on Saturday afternoons at 5 pm. Once a month this was replaced by Messy Church and a simple Eucharist.  Due to the pandemic, in-person indoor activities were suspended again after Christmas 2021. During Epiphany 2021 brief prayer services on Zoom were held  each Saturday at 5 pm. We are now back with in person services.

All are encouraged to attend to share in our Mission as we move forward in 2022! We enjoy the dedicated service of our Lay Missioner of Newport, Aaron Jenkyn.


                                                          Our Renewal

We are now a Missional Community of the Diocese of New Hampshire. We look forward with joy and anticipation to the future as we continue to do the work Jesus has asked of us, as we expand our ministry to the wider community!

We met at length with our Bishop, and confirmed our plans at a Bishop’s Committee meeting on June 18.

With a willing spirit, the Church of the Epiphany is launching a new vision of how we worship, and how we join with God’s mission in our neighborhood. Both Bishop Rob and Canon Kevin were moved and impressed by Epiphany’s eagerness for renewal, and we have their full support. There are 3 key aspects of this renewal:

1) Our WORSHIP SPACE will be re-ordered, using the main space of the nave, on a single level. The baptismal font will be moved to a central place. One end of the space will hold the ministry of the Word (the readings and our responses), the other end will be where we celebrate Holy Communion, gathered around a newly constructed altar table. A team of parishioners is working hard and quickly to effect this transformation. Can you lend a hand?

2) UPBEAT CHOIR: Launched following a children’s singing camp August 14-18, Epiphany’s liturgy will be influenced by the music of UpBeat, a children’s singing group. Upbeat Afterschool (on Fridays) will join our Monday Epiphany 4H Explorers program, as we serve God by providing opportunities for the children of Newport and nearby.

3) Our WORSHIP TIME: from August 19, the Saturday following the summer UpBeat camp, Epiphany will worship on Saturday evenings at 5 pm. It may make sense for our fellowship time after worship to become a light supper.

During our period of renewal the Renewal Task Force met each Thursday evening at 5:30 pm to discuss the way forward.

On June 30 our discussion was two-fold, both physical and emotional. We decided that the floor would be of refinished wood, and that screening would not block off our stained glass window. We also talked about how to support and encourage each other during this time of change, and and about the need to nurture the faithful as we make room for those whom god will send our way.

And on July 5 the physical rearrangement of our worship space began! We first worshiped without pews on July 9 – the congregation was unanimous in its appreciation of our new open space!


 Read on! And we hope you will visit our church as well! We are open to all who seek to deepen their knowledge and love of God!

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