Mission Church

Anglican Compass Rose

At a 2016 Vestry meeting on Sunday July 24 we voted unanimously to petition the Bishop and the Diocesan Convention for Epiphany Church to become a Mission of the Diocese of New Hampshire. We are convinced that in this way we will  be able to expand our ministry to better assist with the needs of our communities. This change took effect when approved by the Diocesan Convention on November 5. We have developed a closer relationship with St. Andrew’s New London, as well as with other churches in Newport.

To assist us in our Mission we have much appreciated help of the Rev. Jay MacLeod, who has been our Priest  in Charge, and of our Lay Missioner of Newport, Aaron Jenkyn who took over the leadership role as Lay Vicar of the Epiphany Missional Community, under Bishop Rob. She has now left us to focus on her studies for tghe Priesthood. The Diocese will now be assisting us in may ways, allowing us to focus on Service and Outreach.