Epiphany Church – A Gospel Oriented Community of the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire


When built:

Greetings, friends —

Thank you to all who made our Christmas Eve service at Epiphany so lovely. Also thanks so much for adapting to our on-line prayer services during Epiphany Season, a measure necessitated by the upsurge on the Omicron variant of Covid.

This service format has worked for many, it has been a really meaningful way to gather as a community and though we would all rather be in person, I think this format has much to offer. Indoor services resumed the first week of Lent,

Once again you are invited to join us on Saturday evenings at 5pm for a time of gathering, reading scripture and lifting up the prayers of our community. Everyone, without exception, is welcome to join us, please feel free to share the link with those you think might want to join in, and don’t hesitate to send prayer requests to Aaron via email, phone, text or Facebook so that those who gather can lift them up in light and love. We hope you had a joyus Easter and Pentecost! wish you a joyful Easter Season, celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord.

Don’t forget to send in your prayer requests, and we all will look forward to gathering with those who are able on Saturdays at 5pm. 

Epiphany Church 4 Cedar St. Newport NH 03773

Church Office: 603-863-1786