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Our main weekly service has changed from 10 am on Sunday to 5 pm on Saturday!

Mondays     2:30-4:30 pm  Epiphany Explorers 4-H

Tuesdays                     7 pm  Alcoholics Anonymou

Fridays                  3 – 4:30 pm Upbeat Youth Choir

Saturday Dec. 16            5 pm  Advent 3   All-Age Eucharist, with our Upbeat Youth Choir.   We welcome our Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Rob. Hirschfeld who will preside and preach! He will meet with us after church.  All are welcome.

For Christmas services, please see separate page.


Saturday Dec. 16              36 pm Bishop’s Committee,     all are welcome to attend. Our Bishopr , the Rt. Rev. Rob Hirschfeld will join us to discuss our future course.


Our beloved Curate, Kelly Sundberg Seaman has ended her service as Missioner of Sunapee.  This is sad for us but wonderful for her.The Plymouth/Ashand congregations sorely need her talents as 2 very different parishes progress with their joint future.

” I need to share with you the news that I have been called to become the first called priest-in-charge of a developing church partnership between the Church of the Holy Spirit, Plymouth and St. Mark’s, Ashland. I will be joining this congregation on January 1 and my last day of service at Epiphany will be December 12.

There is more I wish to express– the deep love and appreciation and gratitude I feel for you and all the people of Epiphany, and how thankful I am for all you’ve done to help me begin my life as a priest.  For now, I want to make sure you are up to date about this development and to assure you of the Bishop’s and Jay’s commitment to continue the course we have set out to follow for the ongoing renewal of mission at Epiphany.

Bishop Rob will be contacting you this week to arrange a time to meet with him.  In the meantime, I look forward to seeing you all in worship on Saturday evenings” .


We are now in the  Season of Advent! We are prayerfully awaiting our Savior!

We continue an even closer collaboration with St. Andrew’s this year, while continuing to work with other Newport churches to foster God’s work in this world.


On Saturday December 9 Kelly celebrated her final Eucharist with us.  We presented her with gifts, and held a potluck supper after the service. We are all so grateful for all the help and guidance she has given us during this time of Renewal of our ministry in Newport!

On Saturday October 28 we celebrated the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Jay preached about the life and vocation of Martin Luther. And he pointed out the as Episcopalians we are both Catholic and Reformed, following the Via Media. We closed the service with the great Lutheran hymn,    A Mighty Fortress is our God!

On October 7 we celebrated St. Francis with a Creation and animal themed service. Our Epiphany Upbeat Choir presented a really great puppet show during the service!

On August 26 we celebrated our Bishop’s Visitation, with Holy Eucharist and Blessing of our new altar. Our Upbeat Youth Choir helped greatly!  57 faithful attended!

On August 19 we celebrated our first regular Saturday Eucharist. We welcomed our new Epiphany Upbeat Youth Choir, Susan Cancio-Bello directing.. We had 48 souls in our congregation that evening! And I know there were many more from our past there in spirit, as well!

On July 22 we hosted a very successful benefit concert in the  new open space in our church. Both the audience and the musicians liked the venue, which has excellent acoustics. We plan to continue community outreach with more concerts and other events!


Recently many Episcopal churches across New Hampshire, including Epiphany, marked Recovery Sunday, with prayers (including the communion prayer) shaped by the wisdom of the 12-step movement and other recovery resources. Addiction and recovery impact us all.


We are excited about our outreach program, Epiphany Explorers! This is a partnership with Sullivan County 4-H, which began this past fall. It has a science and technology focus, and is led by our Epiphany parishoner Bonnie Akerman.

Six session blocks focused on forensics, aviation, nutrition, mouse trap cars, and Rube Goldberg machines.

Volunteers are needed, both science mentors and general volunteers to help with site preparation, student escorting, serving snacks and cleaning up. The commitment is in 6 session blocks, from 2:30 to 5:30 pm.

Please do contact Kelly if you can help out! This is a wonderful opportunity for us to reach out to the Newport community!


Our Easter Eucharist on April 16 was a joyous welcoming of the Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior!


On  April 9 we Celebrated the the Liturgy of the Palms, followed by the Passion according to St. Matthew, with congregational participation.

On  April 14 our church hosted a Good Friday Liturgy  at 6:30 pm, with the Baptist, Methodist and Congregational Churches joining us.

On Friday March 31at noon we held a service of the Stations of the Cross, at Epiphany, led by the Rev. Jay MacLeod.

He also presided and preached at Epiphany at 10 am the following Sunday. His sermon concerned the future of our church, whether renewal or death and resurrection. We chose renewal, God willing!


On the last Sunday of Epiphany, February 26, we welcomed service will be one of Taysa Combs, who ran the Newport program of Hope for New Hampshire, assisting clients in recovery. She spoke of her own personal journey to turn her life around, with the help of God!


On the second weekend of February many of us worshiped at St. Andrew’s Church in New London, for the first of a two part Instructed Eucharist, led by our priests, Kelly and Jay. Instruction was given at all 3 weekend services, at 5 pm  Saturday, and at 9 and 10 am Sunday.


On Sunday February 5 we  celebrated Candlemas, the Feast of the Presentation of our Lord! In her sermon Kelly contrasted Simeon, who saw his meeting with the Messiah as the culmination of his life, with Anna who (at age 84) saw it as the beginning of her new ministry of evangelism.


We celebrated Christmas Eve with a traditional candle light Eucharist! Then on the Sunday after Christmas our congregation held a Service of Nine Lessons and Carols.


On Wednesday December 21 we gathered with other Newport congregations at 6 pm on the Newport Common to remember those who are homeless, including refugees, and to name those who have died homeless in New Hampshire in 2016.

Then from 7 until 8 pm at our church held a Blue Christmas service to reflect on the longing for light and hope that we may feel during times of sorrow and loss, darker feelings that can be out of sync with the holiday festivities. This quiet service of prayer and Taize chants was co-led by the Rev. Deacon Johanna Young and the Rev. Kelly Sundberg Seaman.


Prayer Book Course

The Book of Common Prayer is a wonderful; resource for all sorts of prayer: for praying together, for words to use when night not know how to pray, or as a pattern for praying in your own words and ways. This course, led by The Rev. Kelly Sundberg Seaman, at St.Andrew’s Church in New London, helped participants in their search for God’s help and presence.


Our fellow parishoner Hal Liberty has recently been honored by the New Hampshire Legislature for his contribution to the less privileged families of our state. For 30 years he has been making wooden toys as gifts for their children!


Women and Words

Women and Words met this Fall for 6 sessions of creative writing under the supervision of Peggy Hammer . The meetings were held in the undercroft from October 6th to November 11th. The topics for writing varied every week inspiring some to poetry and some to narrative. There was a total of 5 women who attended and all felt that it was helpful to create, and then to share their writings with each other in a small group.

This was the second set of creative writing sessions that were held this year, one being in the Spring. We have now had 4 sessions of creative writing groups in the past two years. They tell me that they are looking forward to the next creative writing group in 2017.


On Sunday October 23, 2016,  we welcomed Teddy Cramer as our new brother in Christ, at a Baptism and Eucharist, with the Rev.Kelly Sundberg Seaman as Presider. Welcome indeed!


At a Vestry meeting on Sunday July 2, 2016, 4 we voted unanimously to petition the Bishop and the Diocesan Convention for Epiphany Church to become a Mission of the Diocese of New Hampshire. We are convinced that in this way we will  be able to expand our ministry to better assist with the needs of our communities. This change took effect after approval by the Diocesan Convention on November 5.


On June 12 our friend and fellow-congregant Johanna Young was ordained by Bishop Rob to the Permanent Diaconate. She will assist our Bishop, helping to further God’s work in  our diocese, wherever she is needed. We are all happy for her call to this vital ministry!


We had a wonderful ecumenical Pentecost service, held at May 15 at Good Shepherd Methodist Church in Newport. Congregation and clergy from the Episcopal, Congregational and Methodist parishes joined in this celebration of the Holy Spirit.  

After a joint coffee hour at that church, our parishoners returned to Epiphany, for a festive if also sad celebration of the ministry of our Rector, the Rev. Alice Roberts, who is shortly to retire. We presented her with gifts of a quilt and an outdoor bench (and, of course, a cake!

It was really hard to say farewell and Godspeed to Alice. We are all saddened at her departure, first on Sabbatical and then to begin a new and very significant ministry:

Our congregation  had many meetings with our Diocesan  Canon to the Ordinary, the Rev. Hannah Anderson, to discuss the coming transition for our parish.

She first outlined what we must do: grieve indeed at our loss,  but also celebrate our love for Alice and for her ministry to Epiphany over the past years. Hannah helped us prepare ourselves for the next chapter in our mission to serve God and our neighbor. We really appreciate the help she extended to us during this time of discernment and of change.

We greatly appreciate the on-going help given us by our faithful Curate, Kelly Sundberg Seaman, who has done so much to keep us on a steady course during our transition! And we are grateful for the extra effort put in by our Vestry in addressing the many day to day tasks we face!

We all love Alice dearly, and we wish her Godspeed in her new ministry to those stricken by the terrible scourge of addiction!


Sheep - 3We also are grateful; for the dedicated service given to our church as Senior Warden by Peggy Hammer, who has recently resigned as she will be working on Cape Cod this summer.  She will be sorely missed!

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Some photos of the The Rev. Kelley Sundberg Seaman’s Ordination to the Priesthood in December:

Kelley 3

Kelley 1

Kelley 1


And a link to many more:


Several recent photos of our congregation at coffee hour —

Epiphany - coffe hour friends

Epiphany - Hal Liberty and his toys

Epiphany - Barbara Gooding



For the 2015-2016 school year Epiphany Church ran the Sunshine Café offering breakfast from 7 am to 8:15 am to some of the 5th and 6th graders from the Towle School across the street. St. Andrew’s Church in New London helped us in this outreach.. Several children were dropped off or arrived early and could not get on to the school grounds, so we offered them breakfast and a warm place to be.  This program has now ended, as the Towle School has closed.


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